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Pak128 German

Started by popeye77T, February 28, 2019, 09:15:40 AM

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You still can, if there is stuff available. I'm not sure what exactly you need, probably at least something the player can build? So while it's not possible with your pakset as-is, it would be if someone added some addons (eg. something from pak128) - not that it matters practically.

Scratch that- even easier, if you don't set the year in the new-world-dialog, but via the settings, the game does not stop you from using earlier dates and you can start a pakset earlier than you should be able to :D


More puzzling!  I have no editor in Secial Construction tools.  Also, in the factory list there are no brewery, bakery, farms, mills, and so on like that.


Well, thanks for all the information.  I'm really learning here.  But the thing is that my Special  Construction Tools has no Editor.  So I have e-mailed a couple of screen shots and
a saved game. Hope this will help. 


the sceenshots of your e-mail are from pak64 not from pak128.german


Well Makie, when I took the screenshots I was running 120.4.1 and PAK128.1 as downloaded.  So ??????  Very strange because I have just now looked at the Source Forge page
where I downloaded from and there is no PAK64 there.  ????
Anyway, I am now running 120.4.1 and PAK128 German 10.4 as before and there is no problem.  I have all the industries as before and also 2 map editors.  So for me it seems
that the problem is maybe with PAK128 German 1.0.  So now I will just not use the old refinery.  Anyway, sorry to have been so much trouble, but if I do not know the answer I will
always ask someone who does know.  Thanks again.


yes ok, pak64 shown as pak, this is traditional, as it is the first one

at the start of Simutrans, you should see something like

there you can select "pak" or "pak128" or "pak128.german"
this are nearly different games, using the same game-engine

on the hard-disk-drive it should look like this, you can see the program load and display the paks just as they are called in the directory of the disk


I need help with a new  problem that I have but I cannot find how to post a new topic.  Can you help please?