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Author Topic: "Five aspect searchlight signal"-series connectable with modern power signalbox?  (Read 1055 times)

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Hi James,
May I ask if it is intended that the "Five aspect searchlight signal"-series cannot be used with the more modern "Power signalbox" and only the elder "Power signalbox (five aspect signalling)"? Since they both feature track circutit signals and the modern one should have better technology, I feels inconsistent why it would not be possible to also power the elder signals.

It makes it in other words more difficult to futureproof the layout as it is now. On the servergame I have invested a bunch in the elder system with the old signalbox, but I want more signals and those should be of the new type, but I have to keep the old signalbox if I dont want to rebuild each and every signal.

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This is an interesting and complex question that may require careful and detailed consideration. Five aspect signalling was rare in the UK. It would generally run in self-contained areas and not be dispersed on a main line mixed with other signalling types for fear of confusing drivers, I suspect.

Given that the signals cannot be built with later signalboxes, and that these were quickly considered non-standard and discarded, do we need a way for players to keep these going for longer than they existed in reality?