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how to transport AAC stones by road vehicles?

Started by Dwachs, April 10, 2009, 01:09:04 PM

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I did not manage to get profit by transporting aac stones by road vehicles. That is, the vehicles did not earn enough to cover their running costs. Is this intended? or a wrong impression of mine?

I played pak64, year=1930, no timeline, did not edit configuration files.
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Play with timeline and it should work. However, there might be certain combinations that will never yield profit; but you still need to transport them, because otherwise your chain will not work.


playing with timeline, currently around 1945, make absolutely no profit from aac  >:(
since it's not obvious to see the global profit from an industry chain, i just keep on doing it by hope that it gives me growth ???
by the way, may i suggest to have a way to see global profit for a set of lines/vehicles? something like analytical pyramids :-\


I miss an actual lorry for transporting boxed goods. I believe there used to be, but now there are only the (pretty expensive) trike and the really slow horse-drawn wagon :(
I have tried vanilla pak64 and pak64 with various addons (Brose vehicles).
(with time line, starting 1930, and also - to check - without timeline.)


QuoteI believe there used to be

That is more than two years ago then, because I've never seen anything other than a trike in the 1930's. As the source of pak64 is available you can maybe make a boxed goods truck yourself? And if so, you might make other players happy too...
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The Serj truck will appear in 1941. Other than that most of the goods at that time were still moved by train or ship. THere was another truck, which did not fit the scale. But I think vilvoh made a lot of trucks.


Yes, you have lots of pak64 trucks, old and new ones, here. The latest addition a set of Guy J Tipper trucks for transporting bulk goods (sand, stone and coal). They're available for downloading at the last post of that topic.

On the other hand, the stone industry chain is really hard and low profitable, even with balanced vehicles.

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