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New vehicles - flying boats ?

Started by linesa, July 24, 2009, 10:10:33 PM

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Is it possible to make flying boat to simutrans (Aeroplane wich landing and take off to water) In real life, all "big" passenger aeroplane was flying boats in early 20th century.

Also, today is in active use some "ambhibious aircraft", flying boats with wheels..


No, it is not and will not be done in the near future I think. But you could just make a fast boat, that looks like a plane.


I remember reading here a while back that before aircraft were added to simutrans, a special "boat" was made by someone - a seaplane - and indeed do vaguely recall encountering it in a depot at some point.

Apparently, the reason airports are called ports (rather than aerodromes) is that some of the earliest commercial aircraft were, indeed, seaplanes. Southampton, UK, was particularly used for these.


Wouldn't this need expansion of the Simutrans Engine, however one could have a Passenger aeroplane flying from the Mainland, via an Oilrig to an Island somewhere possibly. Sounds plausible, and is the only way to do it I think as land can't be built near enough to an Oilrig to place a loading bay+runway. Graphically, there are plenty of seaplanes to take examples of.

You'd have to ask Prissi or someone if you'd like to perhaps see if  it could be implemented(you could ask J.Petts for any suggestions in/for Simu-Exp) . Ferries are agonisingly slow :(

Or- Helicopters. I don't know if this has already been suggested for Simutrans, but I believe that some models (pak128 at least) have an H-Pad if my memory is right.



Also trolleybuses... It's need electric lines to roads also, of course.

Is trolleys very usefuls? Maybe not. IRL they are cheaper to build than trams, but maybe we do not need thems in Simutrans.


There are already trolleybuses(at least 128)- find TrolleyBus electrification under Road, connect up to the depot, and ta da. :P