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Author Topic: Simutrans 120.4 - r8588 | Bug Crash on pak128.japan, pak128.britain, pak96.comic  (Read 1178 times)

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Hi dev please help fix this Bug Crash, well i dont know what to say more :D I Screenshot 3 problem... another pak is fine for me :)

Thanks Dev love this game since i'm 13 years old :D
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First error message looks like an incomplete pakset, the second and third have an 'press esc to continue' ...

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The other two errors are warnings stating that the pakset has a logical bug in it. It declares 2 different objects with the same unique object identifier within the same object tier and as such does not know which one to use as the object. This was added recently to warn pakset authors or users overlaying multiple mods that they have made an error with their pakset data.

The old behaviour was to choose the data from the file the file system first enumerated. This resulted in different data being used between operating systems due to difference in file system implementation and behaviour. Since there is no clear choice in such a case an error is present so as to allow the pakset author or user to explicitly choose which of the data entries they want to use in a consistent and platform independent way.