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Adding reverse to routes

Started by mspljd1990, March 15, 2019, 12:06:57 AM

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Whenever I've tried creating routes for trains, the first stop always ends up being removed.

However, on other people's savegames I've noticed that the first stop in the schedule has an [R] next to it, presumably this means 'reverse'.

How do I add this?


I am not sure what you mean when you refer to the first stop always being removed. However, the "R" designation is added automatically when the program detects that trains do in fact need to reverse at the station in question. It is not intended to be able to be, and cannot be, set manually.
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Are you setting the last stop of the schedule to be the same as the first stop? If a stop is the same as the one before, then it is assumed to be redundant and is deleted. It's plausible that this could cause the first stop to be deleted, since the stop before the first stop on a schedule is the last one (i.e. it is considered cyclically).