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Development screenshot: buildings

Started by Phystam, March 18, 2019, 04:10:35 PM

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Here is a board for newly-developing buildings.
Your comments welcome!


New western town hall—this building was used until 1987 as Okaya city hall, Nagano prefecture.


For some reason, I cannot like/thank/reward posts on this subforum - but this is splendid.
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Isaac Eiland-Hall


Latest progress --- Large concrete station building

The model of this building is Kobe station, built in 1934.


Looks better in game than in reality :)


Hello, finally I had some time to load the pak256 (version 1.2) in game and had a look. It is wonderful. The graphics are amazing. Keep up the good work


New industry --- forestry.
This feature will be available in the next update.


Thank you for creating Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof.

Well, I see the differences but at a first view I thought "Wait? Wasn't it a Japanese pakset? What the hell is Düsseldorf main station doing there"


Did the architect sell the same project twice?


That's interesting. I am now in Germany, so I can see some interesting station buildings in Germany, including Duesseldorf Hbf.
There are lots of 'imitated' europian buildings like that in Japan, so I think that that station building is also.


Since both are center of steel industry for a long time, their inspiration may come from Japanese visiting; especially since Duesseldorf ist the Japanese "Industrial European headqurter" ...