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"You got a message"-Popup less intrusive

Started by Leartin, March 21, 2019, 09:10:34 AM

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So when you get a private message, the forum notifies you about it with a popup (if enabled). Which is nice, since it would be easy to miss otherwise.
However, the popup seems to appear every time you open/go back to the main index, and you can't do anything unless you click it away. It's a bit annoying if you know you don't have the time or nerves to deal with it right away and rather want to check the forum.

Could it be made such that if you choose not to open the message, the forum remembers for maybe 12 hours and won't tell you again during that time, or make it so you can just ignore the popup alltogether and still use the forum? It's just a minor inconvenience, so only if that was an easy thing to do.


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