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Forum downtime today for maintanance

Started by IgorEliezer, December 18, 2008, 07:17:16 PM

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Hi all members,

Today, after 20:00 GMT, our forum may be put in Maintenance Mode for few hours in order to update the forum software that is a bit outdated.

I doubt that we will delay too much to be back to normality.

So, ask a bit of patience. ;)


Forum skin has been restored. :)

Refresh (Ctrl+f5) pages once or twice to get skin images restored.

I think we could consider the forum updated.


Today The Simutrans Forum received a little upgrade and a forum backup was made.

Now our forum is running with SMF 1.1.8, the latest version of a Simple Machines Forum. And the forum skin was restored too.

(Thanks to VS)

While me, I'm a bit away from Forum. But I've visited the forum periodically.