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Cities made of parks

Started by Winter01, March 23, 2019, 01:05:06 PM

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Is this place still alive? Anyway, I decided to try Simutrans again after over a year (perhaps several years even) and downloaded the newest pak192.comic, buuut whenever I try to play it (no matter the beginning year, same with timeline), most cities are made up of parks. Their descriprion says they're residential buildings and most likely work as such, but it looks weird. Does anyone know why this happens and how to solve that?


Yes, this place is alive.  :)

Most likely, your map has a lot of mediterranian climate, which had barely buildings of it's own, while parks were allowed to spawn there. In the climates that were actively in development (above mediterranian), the same parks would spawn, but less aggressively.

Solutions are twofold:
1.) Use a map which does not contain mediterranian, tropic or desert climate.
You'd circumvent the park issue for the most part and can play with the version you currently have.
2.) Use a "nightly" generated from the current sources. Here I packed them for you:
Parks in this version will only appear in their defined climates. Furthermore, there are at least a few buildings for the three climate zones mentioned above, such that cities can somewhat reasonably exist there.