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building road in place of railroad, etc...

Started by Vladki, March 27, 2019, 09:32:29 PM

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If I recall correctly - if I build a way on empty land, I have to pay "forge costs". If I build next to existing way (i.e. making double track), the forge costs are lower. Upgrading a way, even from mothballed state has no forge cost, just the cost of the upgrade. But if one wants to change, e.g. from narrow-gauge to standard-gauge, or from rail to road, one has to completely remove the way, and build fresh, and pay the forge cost again. Although in real world this happened, and the forge costs were definitely lower, as most of the earthworks were already done. Would it be possible to allow building way of different type over mothballed way, and paying lower forge costs, e.g like when building double track + removal of old way? This should be allowed only over mothballed ways to avoid mistakes.


It might be possible in theory, but it would take a great deal of work at quite a fundamental level of the code to implement. I had considered this at the time of implementation of forge costs, but had rejected it for this reason. It might be done one day, but it is a lower priority than many, many years' worth of other work.

(Indeed, any non-critical feature that is non-trivial to implement is not something that I am likely to have time to do for over 5 years at present).
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No problem, if it is not simple then do not bother.