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Where to find latest stable build?

Started by 1993matias, April 07, 2019, 07:53:18 PM

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Is it possible I have missed something? I can only find links to the latest nightly build, when in fact I want to play with the latest stable build. I recall finding it a short while back, but now I can't find it.
Thanks :)


Unfortunately there hasn't been a designated stable build for several years. It would be nice to change this, but I don't think it's currently high on anyone's list of priorities.


There is no separate stable and nightly build: there are only nightly builds. There are not currently enough development resources to allow for this sort of sophisticated build system: this would realistically need for there to be three or four core developers who take responsibility for co-ordinating releases and fixing bugs. At present, only I do this work, and, while that remains the case, it is unlikely that there will be the resources for separate stable and nightly builds.
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The nightly builds are indeed pretty stable, so you should not worry about that. If you would encounter bug then James is usually pretty fast to come around and fix them within a day or two at best. There are no halfly developed features at the moment that breaks the game, those usually tends to get its own branch as a sort of "beta" until they are incorporated into the main game and then some collective bug hunting and fixing might occur.


Right, thanks for the help :) I appreciate your work here, James!