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Bug: Incorrect display of vehicle list in the depot

Started by [C] Ranran, April 18, 2019, 03:03:30 PM

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[C] Ranran

I noticed that when upgrading a vehicle, the target may not be displayed correctly in the vehicle list. (´・ω・`)

(The image intentionally uses the old version (14.0), but this occurs even with the latest builds.)

Description of demo:

Only a lot of purchased BR class 21 are in the depot.
BR class 21 can be upgraded to BR class 29.

First, upgrade only the 10th BR class 21 to the BR class 29.
Press the arrow button to switch to another BR class 21. At this time, BR class 29 is not displayed in the list of upgrading target for 9th and 11th BR class 21.
This is next to the number 10 upgraded to BR class 29.
Also, the 1st BR class 21 does not display BR class 29.
Next, with the 9th and 11th BR class 21 selected, reselect the "Upgrade" again from the pull-down menu.
Then BR class 29 appears in the lower list.

(This image is the latest build)
The first BR class 21 is currently displayed in this image.
Both the upper and lower images are BR class 21. You can not find the BR class 29 that is supposed to be upgraded.  ???
So if you click on the lower BR class 21, then BR class 29 appears and can be selected.

Inferred from these examples, the display appears to be broken when the previous convoy does not have an upgrade target when switching the organization using the arrows.
For example, when all even numbered BR classes 21 are upgraded to BR classes 29, all odd numbered BR classes 21 upgrade targets are not displayed. Because next to even is odd.
And the display is broken when the 1st and the last vehicles adjacent to "New convoy" are switched from "New convoy".
And if you look at it carefully,  it seems that the image of BR class 29 does not disappear but overlap with BR class 21 and be hidden below.
That is, after drawing the first vehicle in the list at the first position, the second vehicle is also drawn at the first position.