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[BUG]: Line/schedule clears when editing schedule in depot on high-latency games

Started by freddyhayward, January 19, 2020, 08:34:07 AM

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steps to reproduce:
begin server game with server_frames_ahead set to some arbitrarily high value, for example 64
connect with client
build depot and stops
create new line
create new convoy in depot
assign vehicle to line, then immediately click "Schedule"

resulting behaviour:
the schedule window reads "no line selected"
closing the schedule window will revert the convoy to "no schedule set"


I created a pull request that appears to fix this, however since the change replaces 10 lines of code with a single line of code, I would recommend checking it thoroughly before merging it.

EDIT: The patch currently causes a separate crash, so should not yet be merged.
EDIT 2: I believe that crash has now been fixed.


Has this been incorporated?
If so, please always comment it in the forums as I will move items from the bugreport list to the changelog when they are incorporated. Watching git commuit history and searching for the refered thread is too complicated in that workflow.


My apologies for not noting that this had been incorporated; now moved to the solved bug reports section.
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