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compilation of addons

Started by EL-MACHO, May 10, 2019, 10:04:07 PM

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I have compiled addons, both old and current from pak64 that can not be downloaded neither in this forum nor in spanish simutrans
some I rescue thanks to waybackmachine, others from my old computer that had several addons from the Hispanic
when I find more addons on my computer (since they are difficult to decipher) I will update the link, since some are missing such as the building.ufo or the building.archeologist
if members want to cooperate with addons that are impossible to achieve pak64 do not hesitate to contact me
I will be your compiler of addons if you help me
thank you for your visit and attention :)
If you have problems with the files, please let me know ;D ;D

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Those files can be freely linked. Or link to the site per above, as needed.

I can add things later as wanted, too.


thank you very much friend
although my question would be as I add files if I find more addons ??
and for how many years does the page last?
I also discovered that many of the addons are from vilvoh
Do you think you have problems with the use of your material without authorization?
because I saw his profile and he was absent for more than 6 years according to his last time

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Filezilla would be easy to use, I can give you information on how to connect, and you can drag-and-drop to upload files, if you'd like. Or you can post them here and I can upload them, although hopefully not too often, i.e. I'd prefer to only have to upload a few times, so if you find a bunch of stuff, I can upload it, as opposed to uploading a file at a time. :)

Permissions were addressed here:,18958.msg179640.html#msg179640

I've no reason to take that subdomain down at any time. We have subdomains that have lived a very very long time.


good friend here are the missing files, the building.ufo and the archaeologist plus another building that I found and several deposits that I could save
although I have a doubt friend
you have in your package
a supplement that was a factory that produced all kinds of beverages and could be connected to several factories like 7eleven and the steel mill?
It is a red and square factory with a blue border.
You do not have it out there and you can pass it to me.
and also if you have a yellow train called VIRM and THALYS
I need them too, if you have them, it would be very useful.
I send you the images of the trains that I ask or maybe someone from the forum has them
to take it out of a topic called "my simutrans projects" by timothy
although that link, along with its addons disappeared

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I've got those added to the site.

I'm afraid I don't have anything that you're looking for, I'm sorry to say.