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[BUG] Aircraft chooses runway which is too short.

Started by DrSuperGood, May 20, 2019, 03:22:25 PM

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Bridgewater Brunel server.

One of the players has constructed a rather silly layout for an airport. It consists of 1 medium length runway intersecting another long runway. The Boeing 707 can land and take off on the long runway but not the medium length runway. However after landing successfully on the long runway it then tries to take off on the medium length runway and fails. Ever worse is that It reserves the medium length runway (despite being unable to use it) which blocks the long runway preventing aircraft from landing.

Now I do admit part of the fault is with the owning player for not having built a proper airport (2 intersecting runways is a bad idea since only 1 plane can be landing or taking off at any time between both of them) but still the plane should not be acting this stupid and at the very least should not be reserving a runway it cannot use.

The Airport in question is @1361,2473 (Bay Airport). The medium length runway is 21 tiles (2.625 km). The long length runway is 35 tiles (4.375 km). The Boeing 707-120 (high density) requires a runway length of at least 3.4 km (28 tiles).

Due to how much this disaster is costing me, and everyone else using that airport, I have had to extend the medium runway to 32 tiles. Doing this has revealed a large number of other, unrelated to this, bugs involving aircraft taxing on runways in use.


Thank you for your report: I believe that I have now fixed this. I have separated the other bugs reported into their own thread.
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