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Anyone tried Workers & Resources?

Started by propsero, May 28, 2019, 08:47:32 AM

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Has anyone tried Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic? It's still very early access, but so far it feels like a spiritual successor to Simutrans, much more than the other logistics games I've tried in the past several years.

Curious to know what hardcore Simutransers think of it!

I can't wholeheartedly recommend it yet but based on what I've seen so far I have high hopes for it.


I've bought it.  It's a nice game well worth a try.  Since there isn't a Linux version, I play through Steam Play Beta.
W&R is quite more focused on resources rather than on transportation, although transportation is a very important part of resource management.  You have to build up every necessary building/industry in order to get production and profit from selling to the outside world (there are two economies you can trade with: Soviet and Western, in Rubles and US Dollars).
But you only need money when you want to buy something you don't produce.
In the most difficult settings you have to deal with energy production and even take care of keeping the fuel tanks of your vehicles full, which complicates matters a lot and implies quite a lot of micromanagement.
The documentation is scarce.  That means that you have to guess now and then how things work, through trial and error.
Terrain management is also quite a pain in itself.  In this aspect it reminds me of Train Fever (much improved in Transport Fever).
In summary, I miss in ST more depth in economy simulation (not just 'I have some stuff here to be transported there'), but maybe in W&R, we have too much of that.  Something in between would be perfect.


Thank you for letting us know about this game. It definitely appeals to the Simutrans mentality. It's too demanding for my PC now, but I've put it on my wishllist and I hope to play it in a few years' time.
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It's definitely worth keeping your eye on. It's still very early access but so far really feels like Simutrans in its economic challenge!