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PAK128.german v 1.1 is out

Started by makie, June 04, 2019, 06:19:53 PM

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The team of PAK128.german is pleased to announce a improved full Version 1.1 of our graphics set for Simutrans 120.4.1. It is playable from the year 1800 on and orientates itself as before both in relation to the vehicle park as well as with regard to the buildings, driveways and landscape elements to Germany. The chronology (timeline) is characterized by a strong focus on the real story - even if the set can not and does not reflect exactly the actual development of the economy and transport systems to the year.

Attention: this Version 1.1 works only with 120.4.1 Loading in version 120.3 results in an error message!
If you want to play this Pak with 120.3, you have to swap all roadsign. *. Pak files against those of version 1.0.

Download the file from SF here

The Scenario contain a extended map of Germany with the starting year 1800.
This is based on a real map. The heights and regions are nearly correct. The main cities are in the right places and are roughly modeled. The map also contains the Alps and parts of Austria and Switzerland, as well as the southern edge of the Alps with parts of northern Italy. The starting point of the project was the Alps as a traffic obstacle and the difficult routing of transit routes through mountains.

In the folder SaveGames are saved three saves, as a suggestion.

PAK128.german Version 1.1
    new: chicken farm for eggs, the cattle ranches have no longer egg-laying cows.
    new: track 120 km/h
    new: Priority signals
    new: end consumer mail order and administration. Attention these need mail to work.
    new: some more buildings and vehicles
    Change: Signals revised and added with descriptions.
    Bug fixes: a whole bunch, including quite bad in the scenario "German Map"

On our homepage there are additional Information to all objects. Tips for switching with saved games from older versions to this one. Addons, previews of future versions and saved scores.

I hope you enjoy Simutrans as much as we do.

The Team:
Michelstadt, NNW, Pumuckl999, Makie


At our Homepage at the Addon Page there is a beta of the new version 1.2 Revision 232
This level contains city buildings with more tiles, therefore a current Nightly is necessary from at least version R8803 of Simutrans.