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Author Topic: [New release] Simutrans-Experimental 2.1  (Read 1993 times)

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[New release] Simutrans-Experimental 2.1
« on: April 13, 2009, 02:44:17 PM »
Following some bug reports, I have released a revised version of Simutrans-Experimental, with a number of bug fixes. Information on how to get the latest release is here.

List of bugs fixed

  • FIX: Players with no money could still raise or lower land
  • FIX: Erroneous credit limit message when adding halts
  • FIX: AI players could not build halts
  • FIX: Incorrect calculation of which goods could be transported to/from a halt when lines, rather than individual convoys, were used
  • CHANGE: settings.xml renamed settings-experimental.xml to avoid conflicts with Simutrans-Standard
  • FIX: Settings from settings-experimental.xml are now read

Feedback and testing

I am very grateful to Knightly and Z9999, who found bugs in Simutrans-Experimental 2.0. I should be very grateful for any further bug reports or suggestions, as well as any feedback from playing as to how well balanced that it seems, whether the play style is different, and so forth.