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Author Topic: Signal dragging behavior with existing signals facing in the wrong direction.  (Read 1749 times)

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Not sure if i should consider this a program bug or an expectation bug.

When using the dragging functionality for (re)placing signals [1] the replacement function stops when it first encounters a signal facing the wrong direction [2]. Is this intended?

[1] The options {Remove interm. signals ; Replace other signals} are both active.
[2] Also tried with CTRL and ALT to see of the default behavior could be overridden

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I think it's intended and very useful. If you build a double-track, you don't need to drag along the whole track - instead, you just build a single signal to choose the direction, and then drag from the tile after that signal to the tile before that signal. Because it can't be replaced, the new signals are placed the long way around.

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It is intended. The signal dragging uses the same path-finding routines as the trains. The replacement can be used if you want to change signal distance on long distance tracks.

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The signal dragging uses the same path-finding routines as the trains.
As far as I remember, the same is true for overhead wires as well. And not just with dragging, but also two-click construction. I find the usefulness explained by Leartin more useful for that than signals, if only I remember it.