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makeobj error

Started by Sij, February 20, 2019, 03:23:27 AM

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Good day! I need some help for making a modified pak128 addon. I don't know how to fix the error. Any response will be appreciated. :)


Could you share the image as well?


This is the image of the object. Originally, this is for pak64. I could just use resizeobj. But I chaged the maximum speed of the road itself. So I must use makeobj.


Using "makeobj pak128" tells makeobj to cut the graphics in tiles, 128px². Since the tiles in the graphics are only 64px², the third tile in the first row would be outside the graphic provided, hence an error.

You need to resize the graphic. If you want to keep the exact same graphic, you can resize with nearest-neighbour - that's what ms paint uses, so just changing size to 200% would suffice. To perhaps get a slightly better quality, you might try out a specialized tool with different upscaling algorithms: - however, in the end, upscaling will never look as good as a graphic made in the right size, so don't expect quality beyond "acceptable in a pinch"


So the image must be 128x128? Or 256x256?


Each tile must be 128x128. The whole image size must be in multiples of 128


I was back at this error again. The picture is already at 128x128. :(


the provided image is 4 tiles wide by 7 tiles high. So total image size should be:  4 x 128 pixels by 7 x 128 pixels for pak128. Otherwise makeobj will fail and throw an error.


I made it. Thank you for your help! :)