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Started by wlindley, July 04, 2019, 06:04:17 PM

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Trying out this pak. Beautiful graphics.  I have friends in Japan and hope to visit someday, so this is a good way to learn a bit.
Even with playing 128 Britain-Ex lately, though, I'm not sure what all the signal types here are, or when to use them.  Is there a "choose" signal, for example?
And perhaps there's a glossary that explains what exactly Home; Starting; Shunt; Call-on; Tablet; Distant Signal; Combined; and Junction signals are?
Much obliged


Thank you for playing.

We have not used the simutransical term "choose signal", because the name is not used in real world. So I changed the name to "junction signal", whose name is used in real world.
Acutually I have to write a summary of signal usage, but I don't... However we have adopted the real signal system names as pak-specific signal names, so I hope that you can easily google it.