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PAK128.german v 1.0 is out

Started by michelstadt, December 28, 2018, 02:44:28 PM

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The team of PAK128.german is pleased to announce the first full version of our graphics set for Simutrans 120.x. It is playable from the year 1800 on and orientates itself as before both in relation to the vehicle park as well as with regard to the buildings, driveways and landscape elements to Germany. The chronology (timeline) is characterized by a strong focus on the real story - even if the set can not and does not reflect exactly the actual development of the economy and transport systems to the year.
Download the file from SF here.

In the local directory PAK128.german you will find a mission with the starting year 1800 on an extended map of Germany. In addition, in the folder SaveGames you will find three scores as a suggestion.

Please note. The industrial chains as well as the economic system have changed considerably compared to the previous test versions. Cards created with previous versions of PAK128.german will not load correctly, depending on which industry chains are in use, and in the worst case will not load at all. Before you install the new set, you should rename or save the last used previous version (for example, 0.9.x or 0.10.x). You can find tips on how to switch over in README under Game Tips or online at

I hope you enjoy Simutrans as much as we do.

makie, michelstadt, NNW, Pumuckl999
P.S .: Please post bugs and other feedback under the appropriate thread.


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