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Author Topic: [Bug] Powerline deconstruction generates more revenue than construction cost  (Read 3527 times)

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Offline dannyliux

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Just found out that I can actually earn money by building and deconstructing powerlines. In my testing, building 1 tile of powerline costs 43.75 and deconstructing it earns you 165.63. Using pak Britain on build #dc58b30, all just updated using the java updater.

Offline DrSuperGood

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Possibly a sign error? Sounds like it should be costing 165.63 to remove per tile rather than earning you that much. As far as I am aware destruction is always meant to cost money, although it should cost less that construction in most cases.

Offline Ranran

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Land charges will not be collected at the time of construction of the power line, but it seems that land costs will return if the power line is removed regardless of that.  :police:

Offline jamespetts

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Thank you for your report - Ranran is correct about the cause of this issue. I have now remedied by this by adding the land cost to the purchase of power lines. The fix should be available in the next nightly build.

I should be grateful if people could re-test to confirm that this has been fixed.