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[Feature request] Network map: add passenger and mail classes to the filter

Started by Sirius, July 11, 2019, 09:04:43 PM

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Hey there,
I like the map and it's network feature, however with passenger classes it's not that useful for passenger transport anymore.
It would be great if you could passenger classes to the filter. When you select a passenger class in the filter it should show any lines of at most the selected passenger class so the network that a passenger of the selected class can use is showed.
Additionally it would be nice to be able to select all lines that can transport exactly the selected class.


Currently it is possible to show the line selected in the "Line Management"s Line list.
Also, there is a line name filter that will filter the lines displayed in the list.
This filter has no effect to the lines displayed on the map and the map itself has some filters but can't filter by names.
On the other hand the only way to filter lines in the line list is by its name and the transport type (bus, train, and so on) but sometimes, for example, you want to see all lines of a specific cargo type in the list.
Also, sometimes you want to see another players line on the map.

I suggest to completely remove te filters in the Map window and instead add cargo type (including passenger/mail classes) and player filters to the Line management window and couple the lines displayed on the map to the lines displayed in Line managements line list.

For sure for other players lines in the Line management window it should not be possible to use "Change prices" od "Withdraw all" buttons.
"Times History" and "Edit line", which should change to "View line" for other players lines could be useful for other players to see some details. For example when other players operate at your network and you want to know if they hold their schedules or stop at the right plattform.