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Author Topic: [Bug] The schedule is broken by the automatic determination of turnaround point  (Read 535 times)

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I have noticed that buses with multiple waypoints do not run on the proper routes.
I got the answer by chance when I was investigating a problem of extended that the train does not reverse properly outside the station (waypoint).

I made a switchback course for experiments this way.

Please check this saved game.
All convoy's schedules have not been fulfilled correctly. There are 3 convoys and 4 scheduled lines.

For example, suppose you create a schedule to patrol in the order A, B, C, D.
When the schedule dialog is closed, B is automatically marked with a back mark, and as a result, it only reciprocates between A and B.
It is not known which point will be marked reversely ([<<]) until the schedule window is closed.
Even if you edit the schedule again, the **** reverse mark is automatically added. (´・ω・`)
The train may not stop and reverse when this reverse mark is not attached. In that case the train will fold like a centipede.  :::)
However, the schedule is broken when a reverse mark ([<<]) is inserted automatically. The way to prevent this is to not use waypoint. Conversely speaking, setting waypoint may not work correctly.
Standard does not have reverse marking. I made a similar course with standerd for reproducing this, but it worked fine. So I think this is an extended problem.

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Thank you for your report. I should note that I am finding it difficult to work on Simutrans-Extended development at present because my home computer is in a poor state, and I am waiting on the availability of components before upgrading it. I have therefore been focussing on ohter things that do not rely on this computer.

My apologies that I have been less responsive to bug reports recently; I continue to be grateful for your dedication to improving Simutrans-Extended, both in reporting issues and in adding improved features.