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Author Topic: can't replaying midi files which finished play using AVF_core-audio_midi  (Read 187 times)

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Offline shingoushori

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I found the little inconvenient thing, can't replaying midi files which finished play, at least using AVF_core-audio_midi.

So then, I submit fixing plans, they are 2 versions. on both of these, fixing by using setCurrentPosition method.
and differ points are timing,
・setCurrentPosintion at all time of when replay command occurs
・setCurrentPosintion only when replay command occurs and the time of current position exceeds the duration of target midi file

I hope this post is useful. thanks for reading.

Offline THLeaderH jp

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Thank you, shingoushori. I'm using Mac and have a same problem. (Note that this problem occurs only on Mac.)

I'm not sure how it behaves on Windows and other operating systems, I like the former option of the two.

Offline prissi

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Since I do not have a MAC, to be clear: Version 1 works well? I submitted this version.