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Author Topic: [120.4/r8588] "ignore climate" does not work when creating a city chain.  (Read 5815 times)

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When you want to place a city industry chain, the "ignore climate" option does not work. It works when you want to place a land industry chain.

Steps to reproduce:
I used pak128.german, but probably similar in other paks.
- Start new game
- switch to public player and open map editor toolbar and select "build industries". (not sure how it's called in english exactly...)
- you will see a similar window as in the attachment.
- select "all climates" and "city industry chain", try to build an industry in a climate where it doesn't belong to.  -> it will not work

switch to land industry chain and try the same, it works. Is there a reason why this shouldn't work?

Here you can see, the last parameter of the function is always false.

the land chain will pass ignore_climate.

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Re: [120.4/r8588] "ignore climate" does not work when creating a city chain.
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2019, 12:55:54 PM »
thanks for the report, should be fixed in r8815.