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[BUG] Road choose signal displays incorrect info

Started by Matthew, August 20, 2019, 04:39:25 AM

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Open an existing or new map in pak128.Britain-Ex
2. Build a road stop.
3. Build a road choose sign on the way next to the stop and click on it until it is at the correct orientation for vehicles entering the stop.
4. Click on the road choose sign and examine the info window. It will state the opposite direction to the actual direction in which it takes effect.

I initially thought that the bug was caused by the fact that was I playing with left-hand drive and left-hand signals. But it seems to persist through all combinations of left-hand and right-hand drive and signalling.

This is playing with the latest (2019-08-18) 64-bit nightly on Windows 7. The bug has been present for several months at least.

If my meaning is not clear, then you can examine the layout here (note that it is right-hand drive, right-hand signals):

Vehicles are travelling between two 'bus stations'. At the left-hand station (Parish Hall), the carriages are queued up and are not using the empty stops. The choose sign is not working - as expected, because we can see that it's facing the wrong way. At the right-hand station (Cemetery), the carriages are entering different stops. The choose sign is working - as expected, because it's facing the right way.

Now look at the choose sign info windows:

The left-hand choose-sign info-window says it is for vehicles travelling south. But the vehicles follow the graphics, not the info-window.
The right-hand choose-sign info-window says it is for vehicles travelling west. But the vehicles follow the graphics, not the info-window.

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