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[Bug] token block->absolute block track reservations not correctly cleared

Started by Mariculous, August 21, 2019, 01:18:19 PM

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Hey there,
I have some trouble using the Token Block working methot in combination with Absolute Block working method.
The docs states that
"... - If a token is released, the train will grab it and continue beyond the signal
... - The train will keep its entire reservation until it has fully passed the next signal."

I will call this "next signal" the token block exit (Signal)

There seems to be a bug where switching from token block signalling to absolute block signalling prevents the token block to be cleared correctly after the train passed the token block exit.

This seems to always happen in the following scenario:
- The token block sinal startin that block is the exit signal of a station.
- The exit of the token block is an absolute block signal that acts as a staion exit signal.
- The train has both stations in its schedule.
- The block after the token block exit is free.

See attached images 1-3 for this.

The wrongly reserved tiles will be cleared when the train that caused the reservation enters the next tile with a token block signal on it, but this does not seem to be the only thing causing the block clearance.

Maybe more signalling types are affcted, the only other combinations I have tested were token block->token block and Token block->drive by sight, which both seem to work.


I have updated this post.

A savegame to reproduce this can be found here
The upper 3 (stuck) track layouts cause this bug. Just clear the reservation and see them stucking again.