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[Bug] token block track reservation at dead end tracks

Started by Sirius, August 22, 2019, 05:03:57 PM

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Hey there,
As the doc states, token block reserves the whole route until the next signal.
This seems to be true unless the train reverses. In this case the track is only reserved to the station where the train reverses When it continues, it will reserve tiles that were not yet reserved when entering these. These keep reserved until the whole token block is cleared.
In some cases this can cause collisions.


I am afraid that I cannot download the reproduction case for this, as I get a 404 error. I should be grateful if you could re-upload this.
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Sure, I am sorry any uploaded saves seem to be gone, which makes most of my bugreports useless, I am currently fixing this.

See the attached save.

Note that I have added the same case for one_train staff twice. There seem to be some cases where it works properly with one train staff cabinets, whilst in others it is just as bugged.
I expect these to related so I won't create a seperate report for it yet but will do so if one of them gets fixed whilst the other remains.