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signal spacing
« on: September 06, 2019, 05:39:24 PM »
Can we show signal spacing option with meter unit? Maybe such kind of feature would be very useful to build signals automatically.

I made a small patch for this feature.
Github branch is here.

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Re: signal spacing
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2019, 11:32:26 PM »
Did you adjust the placing tool so that it places signals on diagonal track according to Euclidean distance?

Offline ACarlotti

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Re: signal spacing
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2019, 02:16:05 AM »
I notice that the Github diff suggests that you've changed every line in those files - this usually means you've accidentally converted from LF to CRLF line endings (or vice-versa). This should probably be avoided - I think there's some Git setting to specify what line ending to use in source control. I also notice that you are defining a local variable meters_per_tile and not using it.

Finally, does your screenshot show correct values? 600m for 24 tiles looks like it might be a factor-of-ten error for a 250m/tile pakset.

Offline Phystam jp

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Re: signal spacing
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2019, 02:51:59 AM »
Rollmaterial -- No, the tool itself is still same as previous.

ACarlotti -- Okej, I will change it.
And the screenshot is okej, since pak256-Ex pakset has 25m/tile scale.

I checked the line breaking codes --- these are... like chaos.
Code: [Select] ASCII (LF)
ai_option_t.h: ASCII (LF) ASCII (LF)
banner.h: Shift_JIS (LF) ASCII (LF)
base_info.h: ASCII (LF) Shift_JIS (LF)
baum_edit.h: ASCII (CRLF) Shift_JIS (LF)
city_info.h: Shift_JIS (CRLF) Shift_JIS (LF)
citybuilding_edit.h: ASCII (LF) Shift_JIS (LF)
citylist_frame_t.h: ASCII (CRLF) Shift_JIS (CRLF)
citylist_stats_t.h: Shift_JIS (CRLF) ASCII (CRLF)
climates.h: ASCII (CRLF)
components: ASCII Shift_JIS (LF)
convoi_detail_t.h: Shift_JIS (LF) Shift_JIS (LF)
convoi_filter_frame.h: Shift_JIS (CRLF) Shift_JIS (CRLF)
convoi_frame.h: Shift_JIS (CRLF) Shift_JIS (LF)
convoi_info_t.h: Shift_JIS (LF) ASCII (CRLF)
convoy_item.h: ASCII (CRLF) Shift_JIS (LF)
curiosity_edit.h: ASCII (LF) Shift_JIS (CRLF)
curiositylist_frame_t.h: ASCII (LF) Shift_JIS (CRLF)
curiositylist_stats_t.h: Shift_JIS (CRLF) ASCII (LF)
depot_frame.h: Shift_JIS (CRLF) Shift_JIS (LF)
display_settings.h: ASCII (LF) ASCII (LF)
enlarge_map_frame_t.h: ASCII (LF) Shift_JIS (CRLF)
extend_edit.h: ASCII (LF) Shift_JIS (LF)
fabrik_info.h: Shift_JIS (LF) ASCII (LF)
factory_chart.h: ASCII (CRLF) Shift_JIS (LF)
factory_edit.h: ASCII (LF) Shift_JIS (LF)
factorylist_frame_t.h: ASCII (LF) Shift_JIS (LF)
factorylist_stats_t.h: Shift_JIS (LF) Shift_JIS (CRLF)
goods_frame_t.h: Shift_JIS (CRLF) Shift_JIS (LF)
goods_stats_t.h: Shift_JIS (LF) Shift_JIS (LF)
ground_info.h: Shift_JIS (LF) Shift_JIS (CRLF)
gui_frame.h: Shift_JIS (LF) UTF-8 (BOM) (CRLF)
gui_theme.h: UTF-8 (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
halt_detail.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
halt_info.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
halt_list_filter_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
halt_list_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
halt_list_stats.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) UTF-8 (BOM) (CRLF)
help_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
jump_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
karte.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
kennfarbe.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
label_info.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
labellist_frame_t.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
labellist_stats_t.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) UTF-8 (BOM) (LF)
line_class_manager.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (CRLF)
line_item.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
line_management_gui.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
load_relief_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
loadsave_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
map_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
message_frame_t.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
message_option_t.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
message_stats_t.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
messagebox.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
money_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
obj_info.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
onewaysign_info.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (CRLF)
optionen.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
overtaking_mode.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (CRLF)
pakselector.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
password_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
player_frame_t.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
privatesign_info.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
replace_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) EUC-JP (BOM) (LF)
savegame_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
scenario_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
scenario_info.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF) UTF-8 (BOM) (LF)
schedule_gui.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
schedule_list.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
schiene_info.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
server_frame.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
settings_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
settings_stats.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
signal_info.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (CRLF)
signal_spacing.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
simwin.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
sound_frame.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
sprachen.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (CRLF)
station_building_select.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (CRLF)
themeselector.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
times_history.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
times_history_container.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
times_history_entry.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
tool_selector.h: ASCII (BOM) (LF) Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF)
trafficlight_info.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) UTF-8 (BOM) (LF)
vehicle_class_manager.h: Shift_JIS (BOM) (LF) ASCII (BOM) (LF)
welt.h: ASCII (BOM) (CRLF)

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Oh umlaut
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2019, 12:19:36 PM »
I checked the line breaking codes --- these are... like chaos.

This issue often bothers me. (´・ω・`)
As you all know, Simutrans was born in Germany. :hat:   The simutrans code sometimes contains umlauts.
Since umlauts cannot be displayed in the Japanese Shift-JIS environment, MSVS converts those character codes when opening a Shift-JIS format file that has them (a warning message pops out). So German characters are not preserved correctly.  :warning:
If we save that auto converted file, those characters will be garbled. Because there is no umlaut in Japanese Shift-JIS environment! The alliance between Japan and Germany has been destroyed.  ::'(
So if the file is in Shift-JIS format, I am careful not to update the German mixed lines every time. I manually exclude those lines...

And sometimes Github somehow rejects that file, so immature Ranran can not push that file directly...

Oh umlaut, umlaut! why are you umlaut? (´・ω・`)
I dropped out of the German class because I don't like you! I can not even say your name.  :P

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Re: signal spacing
« Reply #5 on: September 13, 2019, 01:17:02 PM »
+1 for "umlauts" :D Did not know these are really called umlauts. Sounds just as crazy as Schnitzel in an english sentence.

You should try to open the files in iso-8859-1 encoding, which was typicall used in Germany before utf-8 was introduced. However, this has nothing to do with linebreaks.

Also, I am wondering if there is any linebreak convention for simutrans code, so we could replace wrong linebreaks for consistency reasons.

Edit: for globalisation reasons, we should think about converting from iso-8859-1 to UTF-8, however, I am aware that this could cause problems, when not done carefully.