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Is there a version of Simutrans with all strings properly translated to English?

Started by YuriCrispiOld, September 10, 2019, 07:58:48 AM

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Basically what title says. The game is barely playable with half of the strings/texts are being in german... :/Also, how often does devs update translations?


please give us more information
which version of Simutrans? for example 120.4.1
which version of pak? for example pak128.britain or pak128.german V 1,1

the nightly of the program for example pull every night the new translation form the Translator web site


Steam version, 120.3, - r8504; pak192.comic
Same problem with downloadable version and comic pak. Other paks have no translation issues but look fugly as hell. :(


Ah, you see, that's not an issue with the game itself, but those lousy pak devs. Especially pak192.comic is notirious for it's bad devs who only care for graphics.

Perhaps the attached is slightly better. Since I rarely play Simutrans in english or pay attention to what's written, I can't really say, but it's the most up-to-date translation file there is (although, might be too new, maybe you need to get a nightly pakset as well?)

If you feel like helping with this, Simutrans and Pak192.Comic are both Open Source, and the Simutranslator is the tool to use: