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Author Topic: [Bug] Placement of signals sometimes crashes the server  (Read 277 times)

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[Bug] Placement of signals sometimes crashes the server
« on: September 13, 2019, 02:01:05 PM »
This is a draft as I can not yet reproduce this at a minimal setup nor I can confirm that it is only related to track circuit block.

What happens:
When a train is waiting at a signal and you place a new signal behind that one, so the train can continue, the server sometime crashes, while the client does not.
Sometimes the server does not crash, but client gets out of sync and most times this simply works as expected.

As always, I will update this thread when I can reliably reproduce this, including a stacktrace.
Until then, this is only a placeholder, so anyone who observes the same can help locating the problem.
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Re: [Bug] Placement of Track circuit block signals sometimes crashes the server
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2019, 02:05:15 PM »
Thank you for letting me know. Crash bugs are always a high priority.

At present, I am not able to run the server game at home; if you can reproduce this bug on a much smaller/simpler game, that would be very helpful. Thank you for your work on this.

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Re: [Bug] Placement of Track circuit block signals sometimes crashes the server
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2019, 01:23:06 PM »
Small update, it frequently happened again, but I did not yet et it caught :( Maybe I should run the server with gdb.
Whenever it happened, there was a reservation at that tile, however, not whenever you place a track circuit block at an existing reservation, the server will crash.
In fact I tried to artificially create this situation but never got it crashing when I wanted to(running a debug build in gdb)

However, it seems to happen more frequently when there are very many (stuck) waiting vehicles at the time you build the signal.

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Re: [Bug] Placement of signals sometimes crashes the server
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2019, 02:51:21 PM »
I updated the title as I encontered this not being related to track circuit block placement.

It just happened again, when I downgraded some of my randomly deadlocking, (directional) track circuit block signalled tracks to absolute block.
Still couldn't get directional reservations relyably working for track circuit block signalling. On some it works, on the others I simply replace it with token block now, but that's another issue.

As I still couldn't relyably reproduce nor catch this bug, I want to at least share what I tryed and why it is so hard to catch this one in gdb.

Base situation: many rail vehicles are waiting for clearance at a deadlocked system. Doesn't matter if they are actually "stuck" or yet just "waiting for clearance"

What did I do?
I removed old (track circuit block) signals and placed new (token block) signals on one of te reserved tiles => server crashed
So I reloaded the same savegame and dis just the same thing again => server crashed
So I thought I finally got a save to reproduce and catch the error.
  I compiled a (client) debug build, loaded the same save on the client and did the same again => worked
  I retryed it a few times but no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the client crashing.
So I thought it is maybe posix backend related.
  I compiled a headless server debug build and loaded the save with that build on my server again => server crashed... wait? Nah, it's stil up! It just disconnected the client!
So I thought maybe I can at least collect useful informations about the disconnect in the logs.
  I launched the server with -debug 5 and tryed to connect => can't connect at all, I guess it's due to server being too slow.
  Same for -debug 3

I really don't know how I could catch that one but it frequently crashes my server so I really need to catch it.

After yet another try I could connect with -debug 3 set, created some signal placements disconnects but there is nothing suspicious in the log, apart from spamming something like
"Warning: route_t::intern_calc_route():  Problem with heuristic:  from 1169,867,3 to (1152,871,4) at 1167,869, best = 15603, cost = 1867, heur = 18860, dist = 16, turns = 16977"
"Message: void convoi_t::hat_gehalten(halthandle_t halt):        Convoy (1783) London County Council double deck E/1 class tram departing from stop Bremerhaven Town Stop at step 259. Its departure time is calculated as"
"ERROR: void convoi_t::laden():  Trying to load at halt Rostock Hill Stop when not at a halt"
but I don't expect these to be related to this issue as they always get spammed to the log.

At the third try it crashed, instead of simply disconnecting, so I'll give it another try in gdb now!

Finally, I caught it in gdb!
However, the trace is not as useful (to me) as I was hoping for.
It seems to be related to posix backend.

Code: [Select]
Thread 1 "simutrans-exten" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x0000000000786c24 in checklist_t::print (this=0x727865203630335d, buffer=0x7fffffffc21d "", entity=0x87cdb6 "initiator") at
378 No such file or directory.
(gdb) bt full
#0  0x0000000000786c24 in checklist_t::print (this=0x727865203630335d, buffer=0x7fffffffc21d "", entity=0x87cdb6 "initiator") at
No locals.
#1  0x00000000007aee81 in karte_t::process_network_commands (this=0x1347af30, ms_difference=0x7fffffffc27c) at
        buf = "server=[ss=23466 st=2933 nfc=2 rand=2165059994 halt=1025 line=1 cnvy=1025 ssr=1458512605,2165059994,0,0,0,0,0,0 str=748925306,748925306,748925306,748925306,748925306,748925306,748925306,748925306,7489"...
        offset = 333
        nwt = 0x7278652036303335
        nwcid = 13109
        ms = 741354548
        time_to_next_step = 959920185
        nwc = 0x302c302c30
        next_command_step = 741354544
#2  0x00000000007afcb8 in karte_t::interactive (this=0x1347af30, quit_month=2147483647) at
        time = 1632520
        hashes_ok = {data = 0x0, size = 0, count = 0}
        ms_difference = 0
#3  0x00000000007462db in simu_main (argc=4, argv=0x7fffffffeaf8) at
        pause_after_load = false
        welt = 0x1347af30
        view = 0x8439540
        eventmanager = 0x84a20d0
        resolutions = {{640, 480}, {800, 600}, {1024, 768}, {1280, 1024}, {704, 560}}
        disp_width = 0
        disp_height = 0
        fullscreen = 0
        quit_month = 2147483647
        path_sep = 0x86d75e "/"
        pak_diagonal_multiplier = 724
        pak_tile_height = 8 '\b'
        pak_height_conversion_factor = 2 '\002'
        found_settings = true
        found_simuconf = true
        multiuser = true
        simuconf = {file = 0x0}
        path_to_simuconf = "config/\000\000\000\000"
        version = 0x86d830 "Simutrans version 120.2.1 Extended Nightly development build 14.5 from Oct  9 2019 #59f9d9d\n"
        cli_syslog_enabled = false
        cli_syslog_tag = 0x0
        file = {mode = 6, saving = false, buffered = false, curr_buff = 4160741744, buf_pos = {32767, 0}, buf_len = {0, 0}, ls_buf = {0x0, 0x7ffff7ffe4c8 "(\344\377\367\377\177"}, version = 120004, extended_version = 14, extended_revision = 12, ident = 1,
          pak_extension = "settings only\000\000\000=4@\000\000\000\000\000\066\340\343\371\000\000\000\000\377\377\377\377", '\000' <repeats 12 times>, "\030\017\266\366\377\177\000\000\000\240\376\367\377\177", '\000' <repeats 90 times>, "\020\301\264\000\000\000\000\000P^@\000\000\000\000\000\360\352\377\377\377\177", '\000' <repeats 18 times>, "\360\351\377\377\377\177\000\000"..., filename = "settings-extended-debug.xml", fd = 0xcc37f0, static save_mode = loadsave_t::zipped, static autosave_mode = loadsave_t::zipped}
        xml_filename = "settings-extended-debug.xml\000\000\000\000"
        xml_settings_found = true
        obj_conf = "/path/with/the/same/number/of/charssssss/"
        themes_ok = true
        parameter = {0, 0}
        new_world = false
        loadgame = ""
#4  0x000000000075939c in sysmain (argc=4, argv=0x7fffffffeaf8) at
        buffer2 = 0x0
        buffer = "/some/path/with/exactly/the/same/amount/of/charss/here/simutrans-extended-debug", '\000' <repeats 554 times>...
        length = 79
#5  0x0000000000823bdc in main (argc=4, argv=0x7fffffffeaf8) at
No locals.
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