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Unidirectional End of Choose sign

Started by freddyhayward, September 15, 2019, 04:06:51 AM

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Given current priorities, would it take much work to allow the unidirectional placement of end of choose signs? This would allow sections of track to only be excluded from choose signals in one direction. It would also be useful in creating passing loops using bi-directional tracks as previously discussed here:,18557.msg176176.html#msg176176


I do not know the answer from memory - it would actually take quite a considerable amount of work to answer the question. I suspect that it would require some significant work in the code, but whether "significant" here means adding a half dozen lines of very carefully worked out code to calculate directionality in one place or whether it means altering a very large number of bits of code scattered all about the codebase that would take a huge amount of work to track down and work out the correct way of changing I would not be able to tell without undertaking a very large amount of work.
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