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"[CFST] CFPak192" mismatched?

Started by MobileRod, September 15, 2019, 01:45:02 PM

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I've been trying to connect to the [CFST] CFPak192 server, but it appears as "mismatched".
I have the pak192.comic installed via Simutrans installer for Windows, and didn't alter anything.
I'd appreciate any help about this.

P.S.: I really do miss pak64 servers  ;)


Still trying a solution... My pak says "review 8600", while the game's seems to be "0". Might this make my online playing impossible?


Hi, i'm the owner of the server. The r8600 and the r0 arent the problem. The server is running on a custom pak192 with additional content and isn't tought for pulic use.

Sorry for the bad news :(


It's a pity, but that's ok. Thanks for the help anyway ;)


This actually means there are no servers for the public, since the other ones seem permanently offline/closed...


The Simutrans server still has problems with relisting the list server after an IP change. If a Simutrans server is operated at home, there may be IP changes due to forced disconnections of the Internet connection.