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Station building with signalbox

Started by Phystam, September 16, 2019, 02:29:45 PM

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Several station buildings have also signalbox function, especially countryside small stations.
So I propose type=extension_with_signalbox, which works as the station building and also as signalbox.
Is it possible?

[C] Ranran

I've also thought about it before.
The problem is that there is a duplicate parameter called "capacity".
The signalbox uses "capacity" for connectable signals number.


I cannot understand why developers have used the same parameter for different use...
At least 'signalbox capacity' should be another parameter name, such as 'signal_capacity'.


It was never intended to compose buildings from different building parts. As the object type simply is a signalbox or an extension, it totally makes sense to simply call the capacity "capacity".


Freahk is correct about the use of the word "capacity": the idea of combining this with a station extension building was never considered. If one were to code a special case for a combined station extension/signalbox, one could simply use the keyword "signal_capacity", which should also be usable (alongside "capacity") for existing plain signalboxes.
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