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Text upload -- " "(space) at first

Started by Phystam, September 17, 2019, 08:29:53 PM

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I found an error. When the " "(space) letter is at first of the string, it is treated as nothing.
This selfish act may cause several errors.



Text exporter works presisely. The problem is only in Object guide.


object name or translation ?

can you give me a example?

if object name, it is only allowed if obj= is one  in this table

$object_text[0] = 'message_text';
$object_text[1] = 'button_text';
$object_text[2] = 'climates_text';
$object_text[3] = 'error_text';
$object_text[4] = 'help_text';
$object_text[5] = 'menu_text';
$object_text[6] = 'program_text';
$object_text[7] = 'record_text';
$object_text[8] = 'ki_text';
$object_text[9] = 'help_file';
$object_text[10] = 'dummy_info';
$object_text[11] = 'tilecutter';
$object_text[12] = 'translator';
$object_text[13] = 'win_installer';
$object_text[14] = 'onlinedat';
$object_text[15] = 'unnecessary_text';
$object_text[16] = 'serverlist';
$object_text[17] = 'webpage';
$object_text[18] = 'scenario_text';
$object_text[19] = 'scenario_textfile';
$object_text[20] = 'squirrel_text';
$object_text[21] = 'web_site';