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LMS 3F jinty - underpowered push-pull version

Started by Vladki, September 18, 2019, 06:49:30 PM

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The push pull version if LMS Jinty has half the power of its non-push pull variant (120 vs 213 kW). Also it is much lower than the power of Midland 1632/2441 (192 kW) which can be upgraded to Jinty. So when one is tricked into upgrading - it is in fact a downgrade... higher running costs and lower performance. Also the maintenence costs between push pull and non push pull version differ significantly.
I would expect that push-pull version has the same performance, same per km cost and slightly higher maintenance and weight (due to extra devices for the push pull operation).

Also the MR 2441/1632 have the maintenance costs the other way round - push-pull version is cheaper to run (but imho should not be - the benefit of fast turnaround time has to be paid for).


Thank you for the report: I had updated the power for the normal version and forgotten to update it for the push/pull version, which should be identical save for the addition of the push/pull equipment.

I have now fixed this.
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