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List of small extended coding projects
« on: September 26, 2019, 01:47:48 PM »
There is already Current development projects topic for larger projects.
However, there are many many more requests of smaller features or bugreports that are and should not be covered by that list for clarity reasons.
In the last few weeks I have often read something like "it would not be a large job but it may take a long time until I can prioritize on such a feature", so I decided to create a list of these, currently from September 13, 2019 on.

"Accepted features" list will only contain features that have been discussed and accepted.
"Known and reproducible bugs" will contain any bugs that are ready to get fixed by a developer.
"Known but not yet reproducible Bugs" will contain any Bugs that are confirmed to be a bug that should be fixed (which differs bugs from useful glitches) but could not yet be reproduced. These are waiting for any interessted player to help reproducing the bug.

See,13026.0.html , especially point 3 for further informations how you could help.
Additionally, in case of bugs that cause crashes, a stack trace would also be very helpful, so if you feel in position to provide a stack trace, this would be most helpful.

Feature list will contain threads from extended developement and extended discussion, as these are sometimes overlapping especially for feature requests.
Bug lists will only include threads from extended dev as each bug should always have a bugreport in extended dev, if a was found due to some discussion, create a bugreport for it.

Accepted features

Known and reproducible Bugs
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