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Bug report: Changing schedule and Reversing

Started by Jando, October 19, 2019, 11:56:14 PM

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Hello James, hello all!

Since long I noticed odd behaviour with schedules, at times trains not running to schedule but leaving a station at seemingly random times. I suspected that editing the schedule and/or the way the game handles trains reversing is the reason for this. Here is a saved game where this can be observed:

In this game you see a train reversing at a station while another train of the same line is about to pull into the station. How to observe:

1. Load the above saved game. Hit pause. Convoy #362 of the line Market Buringcombe to Ulgate is just reversing at station Market Buringcombe to depart according to schedule at 5h:20m. Convoy #363 of the same line is 3 kms away and will pull into the station to wait for schedule to depart 32 minutes later, at 5h:52s. Unpause the game to observe that both trains depart correctly.

2. Load the above saved game again. Hit pause. This time please open the line management window and edit the schedule of this line. Do not edit the schedule for this stop Market Buringcombe, instead change the schedule at any other stop of the line, for example add another wait for time to another stop or just remove the wait for time flag at the other end terminal of the line in Ulgate Station. Even slightly changing the shift value at the other terminal in Ulgate is enough. Unpause the game and observe that convoy #363 will no longer depart according to it's schedule.

I believe the reason for this bug is that reversal times are somehow not accounted for after editing a schedule, no matter for what station of a line the schedule is changed.

I always found it odd that trains first wait for schedule and then reverse anyway. :) Cause that leads to the confusing effect that multiple trains waiting at the same station to depart at the same time show different "waiting for schedule" counters, depending on whether they have to reverse and how long that will take.