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PAK128 Britain Server now open

Started by DThunder518, November 11, 2019, 01:28:04 PM

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The server "Brit World" is now open and broadcasting on the listing server

Map dimensions: 3072x2048,
The pakset version is: pak128.Britain 1.18 120.3 r1991
The server game version is: Simutrans "120" "." "4" "." "1" (r8600) built "Oct 5 2018"
Server connection info:


I have the problem that I can not connect to the server. Although I have installed pak128.britain 1.18 120.3 r1991, many objects are missing from the server.

I have 3100 pak files with date 23.10.2018 14:51/14:52.


Hi Andarix. Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of PAK128 Britain from the simutrans website?
That is what is being used on the server. So far I've had success getting it to work on a Windows PC, Mac OS, and Linux PC.  Currently one other user has also joined the game successfully.


Whoever paked then pak128.britain new should heve used the script then. Ohterwise the installer cannot update and people cannot join using the default install. I will look into it.


Quote from: DThunder518 on November 12, 2019, 02:34:26 AM
Hi Andarix. Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of PAK128 Britain from the simutrans website?

This redirects to Sourceforge. There pak128.britain was published on 23.10.2018. And I have this package installed.

sorry, I added 2 pak files in directory ( the new ones were the rest )

Apparently, everything was older but considered incompatible.

I after deleting the 2 files, it works now.


yes, the paks have to match exactly for server games. I'm glad you got it it to work!


I had the files added a long time ago for a test.

But there must be a mistake anyway, because there were much more files displayed instead of just these 2 files. Almost the whole package was listed, so I did not notice.


I've noticed that different versions (Mac/Windows/Linux) can show slightly different things when there is a PAK mismatch. I can't remember which, but one version seemed to think everything was different, but other versions were actually specific