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GitHub Reposity

Started by Flemmbrav, November 12, 2019, 08:56:29 PM

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We startet to move our Reposity to GitHub.

This leads to you being able to freely compile nightly builds as well as being able to access the sources of the whole Set. In plus there are some addons available too.
We also have auto generated nightlies on GitHub, for that check:

Please feel free to contribute as well! And do not hesitate to ask, if you see any kind of weird stuff in there. I'm here to help (well mostly I try to check this frequently, wich does not really happen the way i want it to...). If you want a fast reply, join the simutrans discord server:,17539.msg167038.html#msg167038


We do have an official Simutrans organisation on GitHub:


That's cool I guess? What does it do, how can I link the Pakset-Repository?


We have a broken pak 196 comic repository in there. A little while ago (8y) some maintainer wanted to make it the main repo. Otherwise it is dormant. Sorry, that was pak92.comic.

The idea was to have main repositories in github/simutrans to make them independent of maintainers who may leave. Meanwhile we can try to keep always at least someone active in github/simutrans to take care of the keys (metaphorical).

If you finalised your move, then better do nothing and keep it as it is. We could replace the broken repo with a fork of yours though. You can also add a site for the project if you like. Plus all the rest of what GitHub provides. As it is, its dormant until someone has interest. I'll send you an invite soon.

I haven't done anything lately, since there was no demand for GitHub. If you decide you want to use simutrans/github let me know what you need and I see that I help you with it.