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Author Topic: Simutrans Windows installers for newbies  (Read 2879 times)

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Simutrans Windows installers for newbies
« on: April 17, 2009, 09:46:29 AM »
Aglezabad, a user from ES Simutrans community, have done several Simutrans windows installers for newbies. There're versions for each pakset and an all-in-one version that includes pak64, pak96.comic and pak128. They're available in several languages too. I've tested them and they work well. Maybe we could consider to include them as Simutrans non-oficial packages for windows, hosting the files at simutrans-germany file server. I honestly think this kind of projects may help to make Simutrans more popular along Windows users.

You got the download links at this topic

P.S: I know Frank did something similiar in the past, but in this case Aglezabad has gone one step further. I also know Prissi's (Simutrans project manager) opinion about installers, and that's why I propose to consider them as non-oficial packages.