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loading volumes

Started by DNGR, November 30, 2019, 05:45:09 PM

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I have unexpected behaviour in a game. I have a Car Factory which needs steel  and plastics. There is no problem with plastics but the trains carrying steel are slow to load, so that the Car Factory is generally without steel, although it has demand.
The Steel Plant supplies a Construction Wholesaler and this works fine, steel builds up in the source station and the train just arrives and takes it away. Steel for the Car Factory does not build up in the station and (stops at 150t in the screenshot) and does not fill the train promptly when it arrives. At these times the Car Factory usually has no steel, although a train may be on the way (it is quite a long distance).
I cannot ge a larger supply of steel to the factory however many trains I use, as they do not load.

What calculation triggers a supply industry to produce?


There is 1110 t of steel on the way, and the limit on how much can be in-transit is 1106 - see the middle numbers in car factory info. Most probably the factories are too far from each other. A solution could be to use shorter trains, so that you do not exceed 1000 t in transit. Or try JIT=2.


Thank you for this. I expect this becomes a problem at this stage of the game when more powerful locomotives are available to haul big trains.
It does seem though that the relationship between the numbers for the Car Factory is a problem, as 250% is needed and the amount allowed in transit is less than the equivalent figure for other factories. With only one source of steel located far away the maximum production of cars could be never be reached.


That is exactly what JIT=2 is aimed to solve - allow long distance factory connections to work at nearly 100%


I think one can disable the in-transit limit, or raise its multiplier.


Yes, there is a setting:

maximum_intransit_percentage = 500

If you put this on 0 there is no limit for in transit goods. You can also double it or whatever factor you want. I always have it on 0...
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Thank you for the help with my earlier question. In that case, it was clear that the volume in transit limit could be easily reached.
Later in this game, I have a sawmill with a large in transit limit (6802). However, it shows 6830 in transit and I do not understand where this volume is. I had 5 ships and two trains serving this from different forests, the total capacity of all of these and their platforms is only about 3000.  So I deleted the ships (1600 volume in total) but I still see a large volume in transit. Where is it?


Maybe on indirect transits in trains unexpected using a route not expected. Check which forests could deliver to it.


I found that another forest was sending wood via another Sawmill and a Furniture Warehouse. Because a Furniture Warehouse doesn't itself use unprocessed wood I hadn't expected it to send any there, but this seems to be possible as the trains are of the same type.


Quote from: DNGR on January 13, 2020, 10:02:31 PMBecause a Furniture Warehouse doesn't itself use unprocessed wood
The Furniture Warehouse is irrelevant. What matters is that you have a station that connects two train routes. Same with the other sawmill.

If there is a route to be found by jumping from vehicle to vehicle at stops they both call at, and it doesn't involve too may such hops, the goods (and passengers) will find it. To avoid it, you may have to split up some stations.