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simutrans 121-1 dependencies

Started by Sirius, December 17, 2019, 10:24:23 PM

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I just downloaded simutrans 121-1 but I am missing a dependency

ldd ./simutrans | grep "not found" => not found

I have libminiupnpc16 installed, which is the only one available in opensuse repos including packman.

While that upnp thing is a good idea, it breaks with some distros in ths case the latest opensuse leap release.
While googling around, it seems that the same will also occur in ubuntu.

Fixed this creating a symlink, however that new feature should make it easyer to host a server for anyone is nice but it makes it harder to play (latest) simutrans under linux at all :/

edit: surprisingly latest simutrans is in the official repo so this should not be a problem.
It does not link libminiupnpc at all so it's either disabled or statically linked.


As I understand it, with Linux, and perhaps Unixes in general, you either build it yourself, or get it from the official repository for your particular distribution. Passing binaries around simply isn't the Unix way. While it might be possible to link miniupnpc statically, such versioning problems might happen with other libraries as well. I think Simutrans generally links statically (which means it won't get security updates for those libraries through the system), but there are some libraries that don't offer that possibility. Apart from building a multitude of different Simutrans releases for various Linux set-ups, or perhaps a Docker image, I don't know how to solve this generally.