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BR410 4CEP 4BEP - low capacity brake van

Started by Vladki, December 02, 2019, 04:32:19 PM

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Hello I noticed that the second car in BR-410 4-CEP has quite low capacity - only 21. Same as buffet car. It is described as brake van, but is in the middle of the unit. I doubt that the guards compartment would occupy as much space as the buffet kitchen did.

Front power has 24+24 (1st/2nd class). Rear power has 64 (2nd class), same as 2nd class trailer. Unusually the power car has slightly higher overcrowded capacity, I would expect it otherwise. (Like no standing at the door leading to driver's cab).

I tried to search more details but did not find much. At least here it suggests that the brake van had capacity 56. And that there were also composite trailers (24+24), and upgrades removing the guards compartment.


Hi Vladki, thanks for spotting that. Also, adding the correct data plus good link is a real saver. Cheers.

I've amended the seating capacity and added a pull request here. It looks messy, because github wants to merge the Transparent and this Fix's branches in at the same.