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How does github update work?

Started by kikopb, July 02, 2019, 08:16:19 PM

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I saw in github that there are constant updates on the codes ... I do not understand much of programming, but does this reflect in the game? Do I have to download these codes or is it done in a next game update a compiled of all these codes?

Isaac Eiland-Hall

In brief, [hopefully] stable releases are periodically made that can be obtained from

You can also download nightly builds from but these are not guaranteed to work. Better to make a different directory to install any nightlies. If you're unsure what to do from what I just said, I might recommend against it.

So eventually, all code that passes muster makes it into new Simutrans releases.


It also depends which git repository you are asking about. You posted in pak128 forum and afaik pak128 is primarily developed on in SVN. Also the game itself is primarily in SVN and there is a git mirror. Nightlies are compiled from current svn. I'm not sure if there are pakset nightlies.