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[Lost] Japanese Comprehensive Train Pak

Started by RailLord, January 07, 2020, 04:17:08 AM

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So I've recently decided to some pre-spring cleaning on my computer. Delete a file here, a folder there, uninstall a game, yadda yadda yadda. Most recently, I've gone through my add-on folder to sort that out. Being the imbecile that I am sometimes, I thought to myself "Hey, I barely use any of these addons anymore, why not start my collection from scratch?" and thus decided to toss the entire folder into the recycle bin. After doing some more cleaning up, I then decided to be a double imbecile and just empty out the recycle bin into the abyss (Rainmeter's a very awesome desktop utility, not gonna lie). And so, I begin the hunt for addons. Get this, obtain that, so on and so forth. After cramming them all into the addon folder and booting up the game, I realized some vehicles were missing. Thus, I started hunting even more, but I couldn't find them.
So we reach now. My question is what happened to the addon? Is it still available? It was a Japanese train pack put together by the authors TenukiVehicle and Takamaro, chock full of steam, diesel, electric, and assorted rolling stock. I remember the pack including the never-built JNR C63 and the fictional E50. I've tried using Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, but no dice.



That's basically an older version of the pack. Guess I'll have to stick with it then. Thanks for the help.


Recently TenukiVehicle left from Simutrans community, and then he deleted his all products, unfortunatelly...