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[Bug] Can't build underground signalboxes

Started by Sirius, January 11, 2020, 02:57:42 PM

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What happened?
Currently, building underground signalboxes seems to be impossible.

How to reproduce?
1. start a map without timeline or at some time where underground signalboxes are available e.g. 1978
2. switch to sliced view mode.
3. try to build an underground signalbox at a grund that is at least two levels (a full height) under ground.
4. You won't get any warning but it simply won't work.

A minimal reproduction case map is not pretty helpful in this case imho.


I sometimes find this too. Though other times for seemingly no reason it does work. Very bizzare issue. ATM I just avoid underground signal boxes and construct them above ground, but it is an issue.